Photoshop Autoloader

Restore Blurred Images Back to Perfect Sharpness!

Sound impossible? Not to Adobe!

This has to be one of the biggest game-changers to digital imaging that I have ever seen and will hopefully be released with a new Photoshop (CS6) in the not so distant future. The previous mind blowing technology had to be “Content Aware” in Photoshop CS5 which allows us to easily and quickly clone out and heal parts of an image using intelligent processes within Photoshop. Watch this is HD:

This is even better but what will it do for the industry as a whole?

It is great news for all photographers of all stages of their photography from amateur to pro at a base level, i.e. it will help us all to recover blurred images. However, from a purely professional viewpoint, is it another tool that will allow another stream of amateurs with low skill levels, low creativity and minimum experience with all other aspects of photography (professionalism, people skills, business skills, album creation etc) to think it is enough to help them pitch themselves as a working professional?

Are amateur photographers with a decent DSLR using all these tools and aids to propel themselves into this profession without really thinking it through? Will this eventually contribute to the dilution of work available to long-standing professionals? How will this affect the professional photography industry? Do we need to up our game in other areas now?

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